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A short documentary and visual tour of a wild and wonder-filled epic — skiing the JMT on cross-country skis and a harrowing survival epic on Mount Whitney with vintage images from 1982. 


Colorado Public Radio Interview

Photo credit: Hart Van Denburg,
Colorado Public Radio
How This Park Ranger
Survived Being Injured and Trapped
in a Blizzard on Mount Whitney
Colorado Public Radio Interview - Jean Muenchrath
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Backpacker Radio Interview
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How to Survive Anything with Jean Muenchrath 

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Award-Winning Finalist, 2018 Best Book Awards

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Editor's Pick, 5-star rating,

Story Circle Book Reviews, Sept. 2018

"An incredible, beautiful story." —Backpacker Radio

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5-star review


A True Story of Adventure, Tragedy and Transformation

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"A great gift lies within the covers of this book."

--Linda Wansing-Bertram

"If you have ever gone to the mountains for healing, or to face your demons, you need to read this book.

If you have ever struggled against hardship, disappointment, or self-esteem, you need to read this book."

--Stephen Lias, Composer

"Simply a breathtaking read. Author Jean Muenchrath is a verbal master." 

--Marcia Reece, #1 Best Selling Author, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse

"Jean Muenchrath's powerful memoir, If I Live Until Morning, can only be described as

compelling and inspirational." 
--Debra Denker, Author, Sister's on the Bridge of Fire, War in the Land of Cain, and Weather Menders



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Her wilderness adventure turned into a nightmare. After skiing 200 miles along California's John Muir Trail, Jean faces death from a mountaineering accident on Mount Whitney. Broken and bleeding on the highest peak in the continental United States, she vows to realize her greatest dreams if she lives until morning. Her escape from the Sierra Nevada Mountains turns into a five-day ordeal for survival. Jean's recovery is equally daunting. Her journey spans three decades and takes her from the depths of despair and chronic pain to the heights of the Himalayas and on travels around the world. When the specter of Mount Whitney continues to shatter her life, Jean befriends Tibetan lamas. Their ancient wisdom guides her on a path beyond her wildest dreams.

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My Colorado childhood gave me an insatiable appetite for mountain adventures. I love to explore wild places under the power of my own two feet, and to feel the connection between my heart and soul and the natural world. Traveling throughout Asia broadened my perspective about myself, humanity and the planet we share. Before I became an author, I was a park ranger with the National Park Service for over three decades, led trekking tours in Nepal and Thailand, and worked in Bhutan with the World Wildlife Fund. To balance my outer and inner worlds, I spend two months a year in solitary retreat. 


I offer inspirational and motivational speeches and book presentations for companies, outdoor and conservation groups, retirement homes, religious institutions and book clubs. I have over thirty years of experience in public speaking.


VajraSky Books blossomed out of a personal catastrophe. I wrote

If I Live Until Morning to heal myself. Then I realized that my story could inspire others to live their dreams and to find the courage and strength to deal with their greatest challenges. I attribute my survival and recovery to the power of the mind. In the spirit of supporting others to discover their mind’s potential, I am donating 100% of my profits from book sales to the non-profit Drikung Kagyu Buddhist organization. Donated monies will be used to teach meditation techniques in the West, to translate ancient Buddhist texts that elaborate on the nature of mind and to educate Buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India.

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